“A coffee and tea shop inside a gift and art gallery” is how owner Barb McWithey describes Macy Place.  Located at 82 South Macy, Fair Trade Towns – Fond du Lac’s newest member showcases work of local artists, craftspeople, crafters, and designers and offers Fair Trade coffee and teas.p1010696

Macy Place opened in September 2015 when Ms. McWithey relocated to Fond du Lac from Asheville, North Carolina.  She says that Asheville’s creative art scene and independent business community inspired her to offer space not only for local artists, but to everyone who wants to try out their own creative energies.  McWithey refers to Macy Place as “eclectic,” as it’s becoming well-known for painting parties for team-building, bachelorette and birthday parties, baby showers.  Groups such as Girl Scouts and ARC have found Macy Place to be a welcoming, homey atmosphere.   Browsing fine art, hand-made jewelry, cards, scarves and hats while enjoying the classes, ambiance and Fair Trade beverages has drawn people from around the Fond du Lac area.

The list of upcoming events include educational opportunities like learning to knit, American Sign Language, and the art of Chinese brush painting on silk.   Check out what’s available at

Barb includes Fair Trade coffee and tea for sale and on-site enjoyment because “I’ve always known about Fair Trade.  Offering it was a natural choice as accompaniment to local arts and crafts.  To buy something locally made supports our community, just as Fair Trade supports the producers in other countries.”   She continued, “Anytime we can educate people and expand their world, it’s a good thing.”

And that’s what Macy Place is all about!