Just B-Still – Massage Studio and Green Cafe joins Fond du Lac Fair Trade Town

Just B-Still – Massage Studio and Green Cafe was recognized on July 30, 2015, as a member of Fond du Lac Fair Trade Town. The occasion was their one year anniversary open house, inviting the community in to learn more about this unique little jewel of a business at 1211 Rickmeyer Dr, behind the Shell Station on hwy 23 and Rolling Meadows Drive. According to owner, Ann Sinisi, among the values that are behind the Green Cafe coming into being are using seasonal, local, organic or chemical free and unprocessed ingredients whenever possible.

L to R: Arianna, Naomi, Amy, Mary, Ann Sinisi Owner, Jenny.

L to R: Arianna, Naomi, Amy, Mary, Ann Sinisi Owner, Jenny.

Fair Trade products share the values of sustainability and support for small scale farmers.   Fair Trade spices and cocoa are purchased from a Iowa company called Frontier which has an almost 40 year history as a worker owned cooperative supplying herbs and spices to natural food retailers.
You can enjoy Bhakti Chai sourced from India, a Fair-Trade Certified black tea, craft-brewed with fresh pressed organic ginger and fiery spices for a Chai that energizes the spirit.

Wholesome, the nation’s leading provider of sustainable, environmentally and ethically responsible, sweeteners and is where Just B Still sources Light Brown Organic Sugar. Farmers are paid above market prices and receive a premium which the co-op decides democratically how it will be used..thus improving the living conditions for the whole community.
In Paraguay, Some of the first uses of the premium were to purchase trucks owned jointly by the coop – allowing the harvested sugar cane to be transported to the processing plant in a timely manner.  Other uses are providing schooling for the children, purchasing an ambulance to transport community members to the hospital when needed and developing a radio station as a way of communicating information needed by the farming community.

When farmers experience this kind of support not only do they have hope for a future where life will be better now but also for their children and grandchildren. Their care for mother earth is strengthened as it is recognized as critical to their livelihood. They are strong advocates of sustainable agricultural growing practices that enrich the land for the crops of the future rather than deplete it and ultimately this helps conserve the health of the planet.
Fair Trade has a shorter more direct trading chain composed of the farmer/coop, wholesaler, and retailer. Customers of course are necessary to complete the trading chain. The customer benefits by being able to enjoy a quality and safe product. This comes full circle for those concerned about a better and more just way to be a part of the human family. When supporting Fair Trade and Just B-Still  conscious consumers can feel that they are playing a small but important part in building a just and peaceful world.

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