Benefits of Fair Trade

 Benefits to ProducersDiegoI ask you not to give up: Consumers and farmers must continue to walk together.  We are all working together in this cooperative effort for the good of all…we are all in the same struggle for a life of peace.”  Diego Lopez coffee farmer co-op leader, Chiapas, Mexico  Benefits to Retailers retailer

“We all have to go shopping. Fair Trade is just shopping with respect.” 

Mr. Ohemeng-Tinyase,
Managing Director of Kuapa Kokoo, Ghana

 Benefits to Consumers


Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.  Anna Lappe

Benefits to the people who grow or make Fair Trade products  Benefits to Retailers who sell Fair Trade products  Benefits to Consumers who buy Fair Trade Products
  • Access to markets where otherwise limited
  • Help in developing business skills and improving products
  • Safe working conditions
  • Environment is protected from harmful agrochemicals and sustainable methods are encouraged
  • Communities are improved with opportunities to reinvest Fair Trade profits for better education, increased health care, improved roads and wells


  • Enjoy publicity and media attention to promote business
  • Are a part of a public listing of stores which carry Fair Trade products
  • Can be found on an interactive map indicating the location of restaurants and stores with Fair Trade products
  • Are meeting the needs and interests of consumers
  • Attract people and business to the community who believe in the Fair Trade philosophy
  • Know they’ve done the right thing for the good of people and the planet


  • Able to purchase unique and high quality products
  • Have confidence that the farmers or artisans were paid fairly and worked in safe conditions
  • Are assured that products are safe for use and do not contain hazardous materials
  • Able to act on values to support small scale producers and sellers globally as can be done locally at farm markets, CSA’s and locally owned small businesses