Cafes and Restaurants offering Fair Trade Products

Annie’s Fountain City Café   72 S Main St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Telephone: 920-933-5337
Annie’s Fountain City Cafe, was opened by Annie Culver, with the assistance of her husband Gary and daughter Katelyn in January of 2016.  She describes running this business as a passion dream and dream come true after the preparation of working in the field, degrees in Culinary Arts and Supervisory Management from Moraine Park Technical College and a Bachelor’s Degree from Marian University.She knew the elements that would go into her dream business: a welcoming atmosphere, high level of customer service, involvement in the community, locally sourced chemical free food, homemade soups and entrees, extensive scratch cooking and good coffee,Annie became familiar with Collective Coffee while managing the Blue Goose Café at the Horicon Bank in Fond du Lac.  She says this Milwaukee based company goes out of their way to help the business owner including opening their headquarters to business owners to learn about their coffee and even meet some of the coffee farmers who come to the headquarters from remote places. Starting in 1993 (originally as Alterra Coffee), began sourcing coffee from origin and developed long-term farmer and co-op partnerships.  Collective offers organic and Fair Trade coffee certified by Fair Trade USA form Sumatra, Mexico, Honduras, and Nicaragua.Another Fair Trade product you’ll find at Annie’s is Steaz iced tea, a Fair Trade green tea from Kenya and with organic Fair Trade sugarcane from Paraguay.  Annie’s has Divine chocolate for sale. Divine is a Fair Trade B Corp which was recently named Best for the World 2017 by Certified B Corporations.Special features at Annie’s include a Pay-It-Forward Wall where customers post blessing notes showing cafe items they purchased for others to enjoy, open mike on Wednesday nights often featuring students from Mike’s Music and Annie’s has backroom space for meetings, parties, and special events.
Common Grounds / Erbert & Gerberts Bistro,  Marian University, 45 South National Ave, Fond du Lac, WI 54935  Telephone: 920-923-8142

This coffee shop opened in September 2000 on the Marian University Campus.
It is open to students, faculty and the public. Starbucks coffee is served at Common Grounds. IMG_4628
Starbucks Estima and Starbucks Decaf are both Fair Trade coffee.IMG_5884
Park Terrace at Moraine Park Technical College Culinary Arts Center, 235 N National Ave, Fond du Lac
ReachOut & Solid Grounds Coffee,  221 N Peters Ave,  Fond du Lac, WI 54935  Telephone : 920-921-5102IMG_5886
Urban Fuel, N7645 Peebles Lane, Fond du Lac, WI 54937  Telephone:920-933-5590  IMG_5890 The cafe is located in the Pebbles Feed Mill, which charms with the original hardwood floor and exposed wooden rafters. Equally inviting is the friendly staff and the smell of freshly brewed organic Fair Trade coffee, freshly baked scones and other tantalizing aromas. The historic feed mill houses several other popular destination businesses – Kreative Kraftwerks, Essence Salon and Just Fare Market.
Owner Terri Deanovich had a long time dream of opening a coffee house and took the plunge after learning that the former Gift ‘N Gab space was available. She said she has “surrounded and herself with strong people” and has enjoyed the journey of developing the menu, the setting and special events.
Terri knew that she wanted to offer organic and fresh foods as much as possible. After meeting her neighbors at Just Fare Market and finding more about what Fair Trade really means, it did not take long to realize that she needed to be a part of this mission. Sustainably grown organic and Fair Trade coffee is better for your health and it tastes great. It is grown slower, under the rain forest canopy without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Fair Trade honors the human rights of small-scale farmers assuring fair payment, safe labor conditions, and direct committed trading relationships.  This results in community development and greater economic security for the many small-scale coffee farmers in Equatorial and Subtropical regions of the world. Organic Fair Trade coffee is brewed and available daily at Urban Fuel.
Urban Fuel is open Monday – Saturday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Extended hours are offered on Thursday evenings from 5:00 to 9:00 pm featuring a smaller menu, wine, coffee and beer and live local music for an informal, fun place to be. Special events can be scheduled for after hours or on Sunday. For more information check out the website or call 920.933.5590.

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