As a Fair Trade Town, Fond du Lac encourages its citizens to be conscientious consumers who advocate for the principles of Fair Trade

The Basic principles of Fair Trade  are:

*Long-term trading relationships

*Prompt payment of fair prices and wages to producerscopy-copy-cropped-long-ftt-logo-e1360862385543.png

*No child, forced or otherwise  exploited labor

*Workplace non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association

*Safe working conditions and reasonable work hours

*Investment in community development projects

*Environmental sustainability

*Traceability and transparency

Become a Fair Trade Retailer

The Fair Trade Town Fond du Lac committee is seeking to add local establishments to the map of Fond du Lac supporters.  The basic requirement is to offer for sale two Fair Trade products that are Fair Trade certified or from a Fair Trade member organization.

Contact the retail committee if you would like more information about sourcing Fair Trade products or would like assistance with helping your staff understand the goals and structure of Fair Trade.



Fair Trade is an economic system that provides opportunities for farmers, workers and artisans to lift themselves out of poverty.  It gives assurances to consumers that producers are paid fair prices for their products and labor, care for the environment, and are able to provide for their communities.

Our communities play a crucial role in growing the Fair Trade Movement in the U.S. Fair Trade Town campaigns bring together community members, retailers, community organizations and town government to build awareness of Fair Trade and achieve special recognition for their efforts.  The “Fair Trade Town” designation provides a permanent platform for continued outreach and learning to build the Fair Trade Movement and deepen each community’s commitment to international justice.

As part of a global movement, there are now more than 1,000 Fair Trade Towns worldwide and the movement has spread rapidly across the U.S.  Working with both the “grassroots” and “grasstops,” Fair Trade Towns USA provides tools and resources to help towns and cities achieve Fair Trade Status and work towards the common goal of making Fair Trade products the norm in the U.S., one community at a time.


Fair Trade Town  Fond du Lac invited the city to celebrate the presentation of the Fair Trade Towns USA Declaration Certificate at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday May 9, 2013 at the City Government Center.

To be recognized as the 32nd U.S. Fair Trade Town, five required steps have been completed:

*The Fond du Lac City Council passed a resolution of support.

*At least eight local cafes and stores were identified who sell at least two Fair Trade products.

*At least eight community organizations (churches) were identified that use or sell Fair Trade products.IMG_3184 (2)

*Media coverage of the campaign and popular support through signing petitions took place from June 2012 to February 2013.

*A steering committee led the work to meet the entry requirements and works to ensure continued commitment to Fond du Lac’s Fair Trade status.

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